Natural Coastline Shift: Big Beach, Maui, Hawaii

March 10, 2012  •  1 Comment

  Big Beach, Makena State Beach, Maui, Hawaii        Natural Shift: Big Beach, Makena State Beach, Maui, Hawaii

What a difference, in a fraction of a second ... The somewhat abstract photograph on the right is the result of a fortuitous "accident" - a strong undertow current shifting my tripod sideways during a time exposure. I was using a long shutter speed to capture a "blurred" effect in the white surf, depicting the water movement around the stationary lava rocks.  Bracketing was employed to capture proper exposure, shooting three photographs of this scene.

Now one of my favorite images of the Hawaii trip, the abstract photograph portrays the tremendous force of the sea and the relentless interplay of water, rock and sand.
Left photo: NIKON D300, f/18 @ 12 mm0.4sISO 250. 
Right photo:  NIKON D300, f/20 12 mm1/4ISO 250. 


randy dannheim(non-registered)
Wow, accidental art. Marcus you have so many art works of the highest photographic quality. Your web site is packed with fine art photography. Your skills in the nuances of the landscape are so evident in your body of work, for you to share with us your mistakes shows your true humility as a human.
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