New Mexico Landscape Photography, Part 3: White Sands Dunes Formations

August 21, 2014  •  4 Comments

White Sands Dunes AblazeWhite Sands Dunes Ablaze "… life is a jewel box,  is endless as the sand, impossible to count, pure …” Pablo Neruda  on Engimas (1904 - 1973)

White Sands Mountain Range PanoramicWhite Sands Mountain Range Panoramic

My lifetime fascination with sand dunes is now only heightened, having just spent some extended time at the pristine White Sands National Monument, New Mexico (elevation 4,235) feet. Growing up in Southwest Michigan, I developed a deep appreciation for sand dunes along the seemingly endless beaches of Lake Michigan. 

 NIKON D800E,f/20 @ 35 mm1/100ISO 100

The dunes at White Sands hold similar visual elements, including concave and convex formations, intricate interlocking ripples and subtle gradations from shadow to light. 

NIKON D800E,f/3.2 @ 35 mm1/100ISO 100  White Sands Ripples and Blue SkyWhite Sands Ripples and Blue Sky

Under ever changing lighting conditions, the White Sands gypsum crystal dunes provide endless photography opportunities akin to, yet distinctly unique from those of iconic Death Valley, picturesque Monument Valley and my home state’s Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  



Like pure white freshly fallen snow, the white sand reflects the subtle color hues of the overhead sky, long “golden hour” sunrays and moonlight.  So, for today’s posting, we present fewer words and more images in celebration of White Sands and its many splendors.




NIKON D800E,f/22 @ 86 mm1/40ISO 100  White Sands Golden Dune CrestWhite Sands Golden Dune Crest

White Sands DuskWhite Sands DuskPhoto Courtesy of Brian Reinkensmeyer










NIKON D800E,f/20 @ 70 mm1/25ISO 100


White Sands Blowing Plant TracksWhite Sands Blowing Plant Tracks


Photographer Traversing Wind Sands Dune at Dusk, Nikon D800. Photo courtesy of my brother and wonderful travel companion, Brian G. Reinkensmeyer, Copyright 2014









NIKON D800E,f/16 @ 27 mm6sISO 100



White Sands National Park 2 - Video









VIDEO: White Sands Morning, Apple iPhone 5s


Marcus W. Reinkensmeyer


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Marcus Reinkensmeyer(non-registered)
Mary Ann, Bonnie and Pete: I really appreciate your thoughtful comments and insights. Gratefully, Marcus
Maryan Morabito(non-registered)
Marcus there are gorgeous. I spent a few weeks in New Mexico but never saw the dunes. I was all excited about the mountains. A thought just hit. snow and sand are opposite; we usually associate sand with hot places and snow with colder places. I guess just like with people, there cannot be any stereotyping because somewhere there is going to be a flaw that makes that "always" an untrue statement.
Bonnie Maller(non-registered)
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