John Komar(non-registered)
You're a friend whom I have missed during the past 20 or so years. Musical family, artistic, fellow Spartan, and now I see that you are an accomplished photographer. Your work is stunning! Congratulations on what you've with your life, using your profound gifts for the benefit of many others.
Wanda Roberson(non-registered)
It is a blessing to look at your work. My grandmother and I were admiring your website this evening and to see her so excited over your photographs brought joy to my heart. She admires your eye for capturing the moment. I am so happy to be your assistant and to get a first hand look at the person behind the camera... both are truly amazing!
Mary K Kubilus(non-registered)
Just happened onto your breathtaking photography work recently. How did I never know about this talent while working with you in Rockford, IL? So personally thrilled to read your artistic talent is a complement to your family life.
Sarah Shew(non-registered)
Your work is stunning - what a talent.
Robert Windsor(non-registered)
Your mom directed us to your beautiful website. Your folks live directly below us at the retirement community. Having been associated with Norman camera for over 30 years, they knew I would be especially interested.
Thanks for sharing!
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Wonderful post..Glad to read about this...Thank you sooo much foe sharing this.
This is really nice post.I regularly visit your blog post and i love to read that post.well done keep it up.
Martha Strewart(non-registered)
What I like the most is the Utah Landscape Photos. The clarity is just awesome and Utah is considered as the dream land for the professional photographers. We can see a lot is beautiful locations here and can capture some good frames if we are interested in nature photography. I hope you will come up with more of your works.
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