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Created 8-Sep-13
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Silverton,  Colorado  - Hi-Wheel Bicycle at Olde Tyme Photography Storefront CropSilverton, Colorado  - Rainbow Colored SidingGray's Peak Trail, ColoradoColorado Cascading River Near SilvertonGrays Mountain 002 cropSilverton,  Colorado  - Boarded Windows Building B&WSilverton,  Colorado  - Weathered Siding 2Rocky Mtn Park 008Silverton Colorado Olde Tyme Photography smallSilverton, Colorado - Weathered SidingSilverton,  Colorado -  HotelRocky Mtn Park 108Gray's Peak Hike, Colorado - Just Beyond the Treeline at Trail Head - CopyGrays Mountain 051Gray's Peak Hike, Colorado - Just Beyond the Treeline at Trail HeadGray's Peak, Colorado - View from SummitGrays Mountain 016Grays Mountain 030Torrey's Peak, Colorado, Ridgeline Trail to Peak

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