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Celebrating the open landscapes, rich culture and enduring architecture of Scotland: Saint Andrews, Edinburgh Festival of the Arts, Royal Botanical Garden, Catlin Hill, Commando Memorial, Cuil Lodair Culloden and Holyrood Palace.
Edinburgh Scotland Saint Giles CathedralSt Andrews Cathedral Scotland 5_DSC9942 Edinburgh Scotland View from Catlin Hill149Saint Andrews, Fife, ScotlandEdinburgh Scotland Royal Botanical GardenScotland Edinburgh Castle_DSC9757 Edinburgh Scotland Parish Church of St CuthbertEdinburgh Scotland Saint Giles Cathedral 2Edinburgh Scotland Royal Botanical GardenEdinburgh Scotland St Johns Church copyEdinburgh International Festival ScotlandSaint Andrews, Fife, Scotland_DSC8664 Inveruglas Loch Lomond ScotlandEdinburgh Scotland Edinburgh Castle 6Edinburgh Scotland Saint Giles CathedralCommando Memorial ScotlandEdinburgh Scotland Royal Botanical GardenBalnuaran of Clava Scotland 2Balnuaran of Clava Scotland 1Cuil Lodair Culloden Scotland 3

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