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Created 1-Mar-14
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A truly historic river town, featuring scenic Fosley Square, E Factor Street shops, the Talmadge Bridge, City Hall, cathedrals and sunrise on the Savannah River
Savannah City Hall FlagSavannah Foley Square Fountain in Trees 3Savannah Foley Square Fountain Backlit Figure 1Savannah Cotton Exchange 1Savannah Nathanael Greene Memorial Square Fog 3Savannah Talmadge Memorial Bridge Dusk 2Savannah River Walk FlagsSavannah Nathanael Greene Memorial Square Fog 1Savannah Talmadge Bridge From River Boat CruiseSavannah Cathedral of Saint John the Babtist, 1850Savannah River Crane at Dawn 1Savannah  Alex Raskin AntiquesSavannah River Walk Dock at SunriseSavannah Nathanael Greene Memorial Square Fog 2Savannah City Hall 1Savannah American Flags at Lizzy'sSavannah Building FrontSavannah Cathedral of Saint John the Babtist, 1850, DoorsSavannah Elegant Living on West GrodonSavannah Florence Martus aka the Waving Girl

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