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Created 4-May-14
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Sculpted by wind and rain, the ever changing pristine white Gypsum sand dunes of White Sands National Park, New Mexico.
White Sands Soft Day Break LightWhite Sands Mountain Range PanoramicWhite Sands Dawn LightWhite Sands Vista Cross SectionWhite Sands Summit TreeWhite Sands Snow Like Dunes panoWhite Sands Sunset GlowWhite Sands Vibrant Plant Life 2 PanoramicWhite Sands AbstractionWhite Sands Dunes Ablaze panoWhite Sands Clean Sweep panoWhite Sands Blowing Plant TracksWhite Sands Golden Dune CrestWhite Sands Ridge Line 1White Sands Infinite RipplesWhite Sands Dome Ripples panoWhite Sands Dry Plant LifeWhite Sands Dunes AblazeWhite Sands Endless Dunes panoWhite Sands First Light

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