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People's Choice Apparel Features Reinkensmeyer Photo Sweatshirts

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Sweatshirts featuring Reinkensmeyer Photography, People's Choice ApparelSweatshirts featuring Reinkensmeyer Photography, People's Choice ApparelSweatshirts, shirts, blouses and phone cases available at PCA,


We’re pleased to present a new line of sweatshirts from People’s Choice Apparel (PCA), featuring some of our favorite photographs. The full collection of my photo shirts can be found at: 


Snow Laced Cathedral RockSnow Laced Cathedral Rock

As a part-time landscape photographer, I‘ve never had the time or the expertise needed to actively market my images outside of traditional publication channels such as magazines, calendars and prints.  The folks at People’s Choice Apparel have opened up a whole new world of possibilities, as they are now my work on offering phone cases as well as various styles of shirts.


Located in Los Angeles, this family owned business produces tasteful, high quality customized merchandise at reasonable prices.  I’m grateful to work with the PCA team, given their strong sense of design and deep commitment to customer service.

Cannon Beach, OregonCannon Beach, OregonThese photos hold special meaning for my wife Anita and me, as they were taken on our Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary celebration trip. A dramatic sunset at Cannon Beach proved to a great a way to spend the evening, after a day of exploring nearby beach towns. Although the waves were not large, there was ample water to temporarily create a mirror-like surface on the expansive stretch of wet sand. I was thrilled to capture some remarkably vivid reflections in this transient water mirror, with sea stack rock silhouettes as a backdrop. I shot a lot of photographs that evening, using all three of my lenses from various vantage points. This image is a favorite, due to the clarity of the water reflections and the warm evening light on an otherwise chilly day along the Oregon coast.

A Lee .6 graduated neutral density filter was used to darken the sky, balancing the brightness of the sky with that of the beach foreground. A B+W polarizer filter was used to eliminate glare from surfaces of the water and sand. Nikon D200 camera, Nikkor lenses and a Gitzo G 2220 tripod with a Manfrotto 486 head.


- The Havasu Falls shows the cascading waters and pools at the foot of this iconic waterfall, located in a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.  Everyone asks about the blue waters, which may look “fake” unless you visited in the falls in person. The crystal clear waters really do appear to be a lovely blue-green color, as the rock and sand in this area is made of a crisp white Bicarbonate mineral.  A great hiking area, with other water falls down stream leading to the Colorado River.  Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon,  ArizonaHavasu Falls, Grand Canyon, ArizonaHavasupai: People of the blue-green waters

- With the low tide at Cannon Beach, Oregon, tidal pools made for wonderful reflections and abstract patterns in the sand.  At sundown, what a great way to end an perfect day, with the ever changing weather so typical of the Pacific Coast.  This shoot always holds special memories, as I brought my lovely to for the weekend, celebrating our 30th Anniversary. 

- The image Cathedral Rock was taken on New Year’s Day, when the iconic Sedona red rock was blanketed in snow and ice.  We lucked out on that day, as we were actually heading up to Flagstaff, Arizona, but decided to make “a quick stop” in Sedona. 


My sincere thanks to People’s Choice Apparel for the opportunity to present my photography and to all of you for your continuing support. 


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Marcus W. Reinkensmeyer



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